How D.P. Brown Makes A Work On Paper

A "work on paper" is any method applied to paper. There are many qualities of fine paper and there is also variety in tone. Throughout his career Dan has created many works on paper using carbon pencil, silver point(*), copper point, coloured ink; and occasionally in a minor way he used coloured pencil. In mid 1990's he began creating full size, large works totally in coloured pencil.

Developing the concept for a making a finished drawing is very similar to the task of developing the concept for a painting. Photographs are studied. Sketches are made. All ideas are fully explored and considered before the rigorous simplification process of removing clutter from the composition begins. Prior to beginning the final drawing the composition is thoroughly developed.

During the process of creating the concept Dan will often debate with himself whether to complete the work as a drawing or whether to execute it as a painting. He considers several factors including both his personal ambitions and interests, and the market place.

(*) A drawing stylus dating back to Renaissance. Concept is of a pencil; rather than lead in the pencil it is a wire of silver.

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